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Keep records of all the historical enquires, User Friendly so less training, Mode of enquiry i.e. Email, phone, direct or indirect through, keep all these details,Track how many Enquiries converted into orders, not become order, dead, canceled etc, Different type of automatic reports like Total Enquiry, Sales region wise enquiry, Mode of enquiry etc.


Powerful automatic Quotation tool just select and get price, Easy to customize with your multiple product, Different margin for different customer, All customer documents can be generated automatic on button click, Automatic Bill of material (BOM), Automatic production sheet, Can optimize your material as per your BOM.

Order Book

Order Book Split (MIS reports for Order values daily, weekly, monthly, yearly), Sales Region wise Report, Sales person wise report, Customer wise Report, Order tracking .i.e. Order is in which phase right now (online tracking), Custom reports as per requirement, xCreate Project against order and keep record in project register.


Preparation of production budget Devising manufacturing methods and sequence of operations Deciding type of machines and equipments Preparation of operation sheets and instruction cards Estimating men and machine and material requirements Undertaking time.


How many orders pending, In Progress, completed daily, weekly, monthly, Total Sales today, current week, Current month, Attractive pictorial reports, You can get idea about all the things which going on in your office in single sight. What material is out standing, Attractive customizable feature and adds on your requirement.


The administration module offers users the possibility to define different levels of access to information in the application, by defining specific groups of users. The module also allows configuration of design or customization of printed documents or setting the backup actions.


All internal /External complaint with unique number, Complete Complain tracking, Various reports which helps to find out the glitch in the process so that that can be improved, Help in customer satisfaction, Corrective action against user took to resolve, One platform for handle all the complaint.

Customer Portal

Your customers can check their activity status, enter orders, and peruse products through the ease of an on-line Web catalog. This functionality dramatically increases customer satisfaction while decreasing your sales and service administrative costs, Allow customers to look up order, shipment and account status.